Vero App a Social Media App is look alike of Instagram

Vero App for Social Media

Vero App a new addition to the list of social media platforms. Vero means  “Truth” and app lets you be “Yourself”. This new app is attracting users, which has increased since the last weekend. Vero app is for the ones who like sharing content and like to be more social, like the Punchline says “Less of Social Media More of Social”.

Vero App has launched a Subscription based Business model and aims at building a Truly Social Network. For the first Million Users, the app will be available for Free for Lifetime. Later on, there will be annual subscription fees. Vero App looks like a Messaging app with social media post and sharing options. All the users get access to all features and functions of the app.

FEATURES of Vero App



Vero app Sharing options

We adapt Social Media for the reason of being in contact with our friends and sharing about our life. There are various options on social media platforms, but Vero app has additionally added Book, Movie/TV, Music to their list. Your shared post automatically gets added according to its post type into respective folders.

You can share music from iTunes, share movies from themoviedb.org, link books from iBooks, and locations powered by Foursquare.

You can recommend or don’t recommend books, music, movies/ Tv shows.

Add Location to post, edit images with filters, use hashtags and add description are post options available on Vero App. Search has categories to search for People, Hashtags, Photos, Videos, Links, Music, Movies, TV, Books and Places.

Popular Hashtags can be seen while we select search option. Products list, Features users and Editors Choice are the other options seen on the Search page.



In the initial level only you can add your friends, family, colleagues to any of these 3 Lists.

  • Close Friend
  • Friend
  • Acquaintance

When adding new friends you can assign them to a pre-made list, which helps you decide to share which post with which list. You can reassign and change a friend from an assigned list to another later on also. Follow option is also available in Vero App.

You can also Filter Post that is what you want to see from a friend’s post. A reference image is shown below for filter post in picture 3.

Vero App features


AVATARS a Photo Privacy option by Vero App

Avatar is basically your display picture, which has 2 options.

# Use 1 Avatar  – This Avatar will be same for everyone.

# Use 3 Avatar – This allows you to keep 3 different photos for 3 lists. Photo kept for Acquaintances will be seen by Followers.



There is an option of “Buy Now” on the app which allows merchants to sell products directly from their post on Vero App, for which Merchants will have to pay a “Transaction Fee” after they sell the product. The app allows passing transaction fee as a donation with ” Donate Now” feature.



Like Whatsapp, there is a chat option also available, with which you can chat with your friends. Vero App has Notification option, which shows notifications about your activities.



You have to register with email id and verify with the contact number. You can search friends with email ids and contact numbers saved in your Cellphone.


Are you one among the Million Users?

For the first Million Users, the app is available for Free for Lifetime. Later on, annual subscription fees will be there. Instagram users are switching from Instagram to Vero App. Instagram new algorithms are making them take this big step. Users want an Ad-Free social Platform.

Install Now and grab the Offer and be a Free Lifetime User.

This app is available for download for IOS and Android at IOS and play store.

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