Mobile Marketing with Whatsapp Business App Features

Whatsapp Business App Features

Most Awaited Digital Marketing trends of 2018 like Blogging, Content Marketing, Video marketing, Voice Searches, Mobile Marketing etc may grow in near future. With the Launch of Whatsapp Business App Mobile Marketing has got a great push.

Whatsapp has made it more convenient for Businesses by Releasing its Whatsapp Business App. App Features focus on creating a dependable Whatsapp Business Profile, allowing you to share Basic and Important information about Business.

After Successful Launches in some parts of Global Market WhatsApp Business App, Android Version launched in India today ie. on 23rd Jan 2018. The company has provided a detailed post about features of Whatsapp Business app.

The app is available for free download for android users at Google Play Store , IOS and Windows versions are not yet available and may be released soon.

Lets have a look at Whatsapp Business App Additional features.

Whatsapp Business App - Marketing Pep

Your Business Profile on this New Whatsapp Business App

Whatsapp Business app allows you to create your Business Profile. We can share Business Description, Store location, Email id and Website.

Additionally, your address is visible on Google Maps in the interface which adds to your Profile like “Cherry on the Top”.

You require a new number dedicated to your business profile for registration. Whatsapp Business Profiles will now add a Professional Approach to your Mobile Marketing

Messaging Tools

Messaging tools will help us upgrade to smarter messaging. Predefined and frequently asked questions and answers will make it easy for instant and prompt replies.

You have to Predefine the questions and answers and you can add a shortcode or a symbol to each Q. As we go to reply to a Q we just type the predefined shortcode and send.

Introducing Customers to your Business profile using Greetings Message makes this app different from the messenger. Away Status can be set during Business meetings / non-working hours. Helps us be Smarter and Responsive with Messenger.

Messaging Statistics with Whatsapp Business app

All Social media Platforms provide an insight Pannel integrated with their Profiles. Whatsapp Business app comes with an Insights panel named as “Statistics“.

We can see stats about total sent messages, read messages and need not check individually. This much-needed Feature of Text Statistics may improve in coming updates.

Account Type, Backups & Basics on the new Whatsapp Business App

After Listing Business Profile on the app, a customer comes to knows they are contacting Business owners on Business App.

Whatsapp has also declared that over the time business accounts will be “Confirmed accounts“. Which means the number used for Whatsapp Business app is actual business contact numbers.

Whatsapp backup can be added to the Business app, copying the business back up to Whatsapp is not possible. To install messenger backup you need to follow the same process like that of the messenger.

New features and Old WhatsApp features both are available for the Whatsapp Business app.

Sharing of multimedia, Group Chats, Free calling and other features are similar to Whatsapp messenger. You can block Inappropriate or spam messages.

Whatsapp Payment Feature

Whatsapp introduced a new feature of payment with Unified Payments Interface (UPI). UPI is a payment method where the user will have to link their bank account and have a separate UPI PIN to generate the transaction.

This option is available in Settings. Payment Page appears after selecting Payments options. We have to provide Bank Details and accept terms and conditions. To use this feature both users need to have this feature in their WhatsApp.

Go ahead and Create your Business Profile with this Business App Today. Add your Verified Whatsapp Business Profile to your Social Profiles list today and Upgrade to Smarter Messaging.

Do comment below and share your experience with the very new Whatsapp Business app and its Features. Let us know how friendly is Whatsapp Business app and is it beneficial for Businesses?

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