All you need to know about Influencer Marketing

Influencer Markting

Influencer Marketing is not a new term for marketing. It came into existence many years back, the only difference is, there is less awareness of the term influencer marketing. People have started following their personal industry favourites or public figures which are helping businesses sales grow with influencer marketing tactic.

Nowadays brands use Influencer marketing a lot, as it helps them connect with consumers organically and in large numbers.

Let’s learn more about Influencer Marketing.

What is an Influencer?

inlfuencer marketingAs the name says influencer, influence means to create an impact or effect on someone. In Influencer marketing the focus in more on influencing a target of people and indirectly selling products. Influence people by changing their mindset and thoughts. An influencer helps marketing your product with their reach, reliability and skills of creating an impact.

Influencers use social media platforms and online platforms to reach people. In such competitive online scenario, key persons or influencers makes it easy to convince and recommend services, products or brand to a group of people at a time.

How does Influencer Marketing work?

Influencers or key persons talk about a product or service on social media or on other digital platforms. They may speak about how the product benefited or recommend them to use the product or service. Youtube is the second most used platform by influencers.

When influencers talk about the product or brand the company gets benefited and stands out among their competitors. Influencer marketing works more like traditional marketing technique of mouth publicity. The only difference between both of them is clear recommendations of different people.

Previously Celebrities used to be paid to become endorsers for products but in that scenario, it was only advertising and marketing nowadays, influencers can be anyone among leaders of some industry, Public figures with popularity or reputation, individuals expertise, friends, relatives etc. Moreover, millennial consumers prefer buying products referred by influencers they follow over celebrity recommendations.

How to contact Influencer Marketers?

An informal relation should be developed with them, before contacting influencers directly.

Companies should contact them develop a good relationship with them, give them respect before approaching them directly. Influencers can be invited to endorse your product by giving free products or inviting to your company to have a look at the products.

1/3 of twitter audience engage and follow Bloggers and social media celebrities and influencers.

Before contacting an influencer check with their reputation or expertise in the field and how they can relate to your product.

How is Influencer Marketing Effective?

Influencer Marketing is effective when compared to traditional marketing. Traditional marketing is expensive and also not effective sometimes. Influencers have a huge fan following, which helps reach a good number of people at one go, so at an initial stage itself, startups can get benefits of influencer marketing.

There are various other benefits of Influencer Marketing.

#1 Effectively reaches larger groups

Influencer marketing reaches larger groupInfluencers are Bloggers, Public figures, Consultants or Industry key leaders these people have a reputation and good fan following and reach.

Their followers on social media or online platforms help reach and influence a huge number of people at a time, in turn helping grow business reach and build brand awareness.


#2 Builds trust in less time

A brand awareness or reach with the help of Influencers helps build trust in less time. An influencer has already built a good relationship, trust and reputation with their followers. Influencer shares this relationship with the brand, to build trust other marketing processes take more time.

#3 Win-win situation for both of them

Influencer marketing benefits both Influencer and company. They work in collaboration as part of companies branding activity, key persons can be invited to events or launch or promotional activities.  In such activities both brand about each other.

Is Influencer Marketing same like Advocate marketing?

Influencer marketing and advocate marketing are two different terms.

Advocate marketing is also another form of marketing. Many people before buying a product research about it. When researching they read reviews about products and services.

Satisfied people give product reviews after they make product purchase or use products. These people become your existing customers who talk about your products and give reviews which in turn helps you reach new customers.

In influencer marketing focus is more on finding influencers to recommend your product, and these influencers may or may not be your existing customers.

Companies either pay influencers for campaigns or give free products. Influencers can help you for new trending products as it focuses on today’s generation, which can help building an influence on millennial customers.

Influencer Marketing is helping many businesses with the branding of their products. Do share your reviews on influencer marketing and how it has helped you with your business.

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